Our Children

Ryan was placed at Charles Hall Youth Services when his parents were killed in a car accident.

Lisa began her residency with us after three run-away charges, two stays in the psych unit of a local hospital, two out-patient addiction treatment courses, and one in-patient addiction treatment course.

Kaylee was found by police cowering in a locked closet in her mother’s home. Her mother could offer no reasonable explanation for her daughter’s fragile situation.

Charlie was being lovingly raised by his maternal grandparents--the only “parents” he ever knew--until his biological mother suddenly decided her parents were “unfit.”

Rachel was the sole survivor of a suicide pact she had with two other friends. Left alone to face the grief and guilt of her “failure,” Rachel’s family knew Charles Hall Youth Services could help her in the recovery process.




"At first, I was pretty upset with all that happened and at that point, I really didn’t see why my mom would put me in a place I hated so much.  While I was at Charles Hall, I did everything possible to try and get things worked out with my family.  I tried to get everyone to get along and that’s not easy with nine girls.  It made me realize that when one person does something wrong, it affects the whole house. At the end of my stay, I realized why Mom placed me.  It was because I was totally out of control and I needed help.  It wasn’t because she didn’t love me.  It was because she did love me, and she was scared of what could happen to me if I didn’t get the help I needed.”

-- a former youth resident