Impact Creative Arts


Sculptures Created by Youth


The Shawl Dancer was created by Case Home

The Native American Hand Drummer was created by Hall Home

The Men's Traditional Dancer was created by Goodbird Home

All three sculptures were made from the start with several different sized wires and wire mesh for the armature. Both male and female bodies were made anatomically correct using a reference drawing as a proportion guide. Then the forms were set permanently in a plastic material that hardened to become the solid white modern sculpture bases. Plaster wrap was layered to construct the human forms and clothing details. These sculptures are more contemporary and abstract than the ones created in years past. The bases are 8inches in diameter.The maximum height is 30inches and maximum width is 20inches. They were created over a five month period with the kids. They learn that art takes hard work, creativity, imagination, ingenuity, patience, dedication and perseverance



A lot of great things happening at Impact Arts Gallery and Gifts with our kids at CHYS...


Wayne Pruse working with one of our girls creating the wire form for their next sculpture creation.




Artwork from our youth has a special place at the Impact Gallery and Gifts.



 Lynn Prouty is teaching our kids Calligraphy. 








Scupltures created by Charles Hall Youth Services youth are on display at

Wells Fargo Bank in Mandan. 

Spirits of the Plains Image

Spirits of the Plains